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HPR Welcomes All You Poker Bloggers on Board

Greg F. Raymer 2004 WSOP Winner 2004 was Greg Raymer’s year. He won a total of $5 Million at the WSOP tournament. Raymer’s favourite online poker tables are in the Poker Room.

HPR Welcomes All You Poker Bloggers on Board The Fossilman hates flying, too bad for him, because as every poker deity knows, once you enter poker’s hall of fame there is no sitting about. You have to fly and play poker all over the world. Be sure to ckech up on Greg Raymer’s blog every now and then. He posts news and poker reflections quite oftenly. Chris Moneymaker 2003 WSOP Winner Mr. Moneymaker loves to play online. There’s one place he likes better than the rest and that is Noble poker. As Noble as he is, Chris would’nt hesitate to take your sweet money away from you. But, hey, you can always try and win it back, right?

Almost anyone who runs by Chris, has to ask him the same stupid. The same question he had heard so many times he’s sick of it: is your name real? were you christened with that name? well you won’t get your answer here better ask the moneymonster yourself. Just do it from a distance, ok? Joseph Hachem 2005 WSOP Winner Hachem entered the WSOP hall of fame, when he won an amazing amount of $7.5 Million. If you want to make it in the world of poker, follow Hachem and click here to play poker online in EmpirePoker. Hachem was born in Lebanon, his family moved to Australia back in the 70’s. Hachem usued to work as a chiropacrtor till one day he discovered online poker. He played for a couple of years on the web, One day he realised that he’s no regular player. Joseph Hachem is a poker fairytale, you think there is no Sanata? Take a good look at Hachem and think again!

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