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Waterloo’s Secret Recipe

Waterloo's Secret Recipe1) Intelligence, e.g., a young University of Waterloo student who is great at problem-solving.

2) “Math geeks”, e.g., UofW math students who quickly figure out how to make correct poker decisions based on the odds and EV.

3) Playing massive amounts of hours online to accellerate learning how to make $EV-maximizing decisions.

4) Having a poker group to keep raising the bar, e.g., dorm games, mentors, or productive poker forum.

5) Winning satellites to big buy-in events, including $10K live events.

6) Winning any tournament with a big field takes a huge amount of both luck skill, but the more events you play or satellite into, the better your chances of scoring big. At least 7 Waterloo players have had that “perfect storm” combination to win a big event: Steve Paul-Ambrose, Nenad Medic, Will “cutiepi314 or The Dreamer” Ma, Mike “Timex” McDonald, Matt “ch0ppy” Kay, Ryan “GotSkillz” Fisler SirWatts.

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